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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hoboken 2004-2006

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In keeping with my Hoboken nostalgia, I have pulled some of my favorite shots that I took from my weekly walks in town. Hoboken gave a lot to me and in looking at these photos I feel those heart strings tugging. It's only been 2 months since I have moved, and yet as much as I love where I live now, nothing will replace the spot in my heart that I hold for this town.
Every week I made a point of going for a walk. Whether it was for 5 minutes or more than an hour, these walks connected me further with my surroundings.
One of my favorite places to go was pier A or "the backyard". I can do without the bikinis in the warm weather, but the view is absolutley breathtaking. I never wanted to take for granted that amazing view of the NYC skyline. Sinatra drive provides a friendly walk along the Hudson sharing both the beauty of the Hoboken water edge, and the line of buildings across the river. This view, stunning both day and night, was something I photographed often. I know I am not alone in this trend and certainly do not boast to have captured the best... but I do love to look at these photos.
These walks I took inspired me to begin bringing my camera with me more often when I went to work. My drive to the high school were I taught art, provided me with a great view of the skyline as well. Specifically the Empire State Building. That series is in another post here on my website.
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