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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hoboken, NJ Photography By Mary Shadbolt

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In keeping with my Hoboken nostalgia, I have pulled some of my favorite Hoboken photographs that I took from my weekly walks in town. Hoboken, NJ gave a lot to me and in looking at these photos I feel those heart strings tugging. It's only been months since I have moved, and yet as much as I love where I live now, nothing will replace the spot in my heart that I hold for this town.
Of course seeing shows at Maxwell's goes without saying. I started going to shows there over 2 decades ago and continue to do so today. What kind of Indie/Hard core kid would I be if I hadn't scrimped 10 bucks together to go to a show at Maxwells?!

Every week I made a point of going for a walk. Whether it was for 5 minutes or 5 hours, these walks connected me further with my surroundings.
One of my favorite places to go was pier A or "the backyard" down by the Hudson River. I can do without the bikinis in the warm weather, but the view is absolutely breathtaking. I never wanted to take for granted that amazing view of the NYC skyline. Sinatra drive provides a friendly walk along the Hudson sharing both the beauty of the Hoboken water edge, and the line of buildings across the river. This view, stunning both day and night, was something I photographed often. I know I am not alone in this trend and certainly do not boast to have captured the best... (though I think my photos are pretty darn awesome!).

These walks I took brought me to appreciate the beauty of City Hall, Castle Point by Stevens Tech (Of course), Hoboken train and ferry Terminal, even the old Koven Stove works that is slowly being transformed into luxury apartments.
The walks also inspired me to bring my camera with me more often when I went to work. My drive to the high school were I taught art, provided me with a great view of the skyline as well. Specifically the Empire State Building. That series is in another post here on my website.

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In the above set of photos you will see the remains of a building. This is the building that used to house "Koven Stove". In the 19th and 20th centuries, they made stoves here, and then afterwards it was used as storage for a book distributor. When driving up Paterson Plank road in Hoboken up to Jersey city Heights, this long brick building is a familiar site. It used to boast signs for "bookbinding" as well as a puppy adoption.
I passed it everyday on my way to work, as well as on my way back. It was interesting to see the building go from an abandoned brick warehouse to a brick facade as they gutted it. Then I noticed all the graffiti on the inside. It was like a time capsule into the late 70's and 80's had been opened. Ironically I was introducing graffiti to my art students in the urban school where I worked. So this was like a gold mine of visuals for me.
now this vacant building is no longer so vacant. It is the future home of "The Cliffs". Soon 128 housing units will be present here, along with about 90 parking spaces.

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