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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pittsburgh 8-19-06

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Pittsburgh really surprised me with its history and beautiful colors. As we walked about in the early evening I found myself drawn to the soot covered churches. Being a steel industry town built mainly in the turn of the century, the soot would fill the air and make its mark on the buildings, and people, of the area. Now, many decades later, the people are friendly (and clean!), the streets show new commercial industry mixed with the old, and yet still, the spirits and charm of the past speak.

I was particularly interested in the shiny, seductive curves of the wrought iron gbuynowactiveactiveates. These gates were imposing being over 8ft high. (Being as short as I am, they seemed even larger). It reminded me of when I was younger and we had a wrought iron railing in the house. I used to love to run my finger along the cold metal and trace the designs. Now, on a much larger scale, these cold designs echo each other creating a wall of protection for the blackened church behind it.

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Being intensely afraid to fly, it sometimes takes a lot to look out the window of a plane, let alone keep my eyes open and my fists from clenching. The short flight from Newark airport to Pittsburgh was no exception.

Yet, when I sneaked a little peek, I was happy my camera was within reach. It seemed that each passing minute offered a brand new "landscape" of clouds. The more I "peeked" the more surpised I became. The awe-inspiring formations held my attention (thankfully), for brief periods of peace and wonder. Though no camera can truly capture the beauty and brilliance of what God and nature have created, I feel these simple shots can lend you what I took. Some "sneak Peeks".

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