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Monday, July 02, 2007

Denville, NJ Photography by Mary Shadbolt

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These are just a few glimpses of my new "stomping grounds". I have recently moved to Denville, NJ in Morris County. What better way to get to know your neighborhood, then to take long walks and broaden my nature photography and Denville photography series!
I have to say, its beautiful here. Peaceful, warm and welcoming. So far, everyone here is very friendly and its been ages since I had GRASS!!! While yardwork and gardening may seem a daunting task to most, it is something that we have been happily settling into. I will miss city life, but its nice to be able to walk across my own lawn and into my big screened in porch that will be decorated for holidays. "Country mouse" has turned in her "resident parking sticker" and finally come home.

Where these photographs were taken:

This is an interactive map. Use your mouse to drag the photograph around to see the surrounding areas of Denville, New Jersey.

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